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Carnoustie Centre Action Group has put an ambitious proposal to Angus Council for a Centre to be developed on part of the former Kinloch Primary site

We believe that a new centre would:

  • Help the town become a more attractive place to visit which would also support local businesses
  • Link the East and West sides of Carnoustie and help break down physical and social barriers as the population continues to grow
  • Provide a showcase for local talent and history
  • Create new opportunities for residents and visitors to meet, relax and develop their knowledge and skills in a cultural setting


Angus Council has given over the site to CCAG for the exclusive development of a Centre for the Town. Now the work begins to drive the project forward.

We need enthusiastic members to help us take this exciting development to the next stage.

Why not come along to our next committee meeting and get involved.


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Just click on the link below to access all the latest info:


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Lets have a ceilidh!

Fancy a jig and maybe a wee dram?

Why not come along to our fund-raising ceilidh on Friday 22nd February at the Carnoustie Golf Hotel? Enjoy an evening of traditional Scottish entertainment with a great line-up of local talent.



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Racenight success

Racenight goes at a gallop

The Kinloch Centre Project racenight held last week in the Station Hotel raised the incredible sum of £1100. The assembled ‘punters’ enjoyed an exciting evening of drinking and gambling …. activities frowned upon in some quarters – except when you’re raising money for good causes that is! Many thanks go to the Station Hotel, who provided the delicious mid-card stovies. Also, all the race sponsors on the evening, Ian Kidd Plumbing; Rembrand Timber; Soutar Preservation; Dave Tindall and Gus Neil (Carnoustie Tyres); Rodger Brunton; Masstock Arable and I & G Motors. Last but not least, all those who came along to make the evening a resounding success. A special thank-you to Ian of I & G Motors who donated his £80 winnings from the final race back to our cause!!

Keep your eyes peeled for our next fund-raising event – A CEILIDH!!     Details soon. 
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Fancy a quick flutter?

Fancy a flutter on the gee-gees from the comfort of your local hostelry?

You do??

Then get yourself down to the Station Hotel Function Lounge on Friday 23rd Nov at 7.30pm for an evening of fun and entertainment!

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Newsletter July 2012






A change at the helm

As we move into the final phase of the Kinloch Centre Project, former Depute Provost of Angus and local councillor, Peter Murphy, who recently retired after 13 years in the political arena has taken over the helm at the project he started over 6 years ago.

Former Carnoustie Centre Action Group Chairman, Rodger Brunton, who tirelessly led the campaign since its inception, stepped aside at our recent AGM to allow Peter to see the proposed Centre through to its conclusion.

 Rodger’s contribution to the CCAG cannot be over-stated. His enthusiasm and expertise has led the Group to a situation where we are poised to make a Stage1 Big Lottery funding application in the near future. Both Rodger and Alison Paget, who also ‘retired’ as Vice Chair will very much continue as active members of the Committee. In the meantime, a planning application in respect of the new centre is currently being prepared by architects Nicoll Russell Studios for submission to Angus Council in due course.

Jim Simpson, Secretary  

The First Five Years

There are times when I wonder if any progress has been made at all with the Centre. After all, what is there to show apart from someone else’s rubble and rubbish and a sign behind the railings at the old Kinloch playground?

I mean, the promise of the site for nothing and a detailed Architect’s design is hardly worth shouting about is it? Yes, and the fact that over 300 members of the Carnoustie public think the concept is good enough to part with money to become a ‘friend’ as well as a couple of generous £2,000 donations is neither here nor there really.

Not a lot to shout about I suppose.

When you add to that the 20,000 hours of volunteers’ time over the past few years spent by all the dedicated and committed Committee Members and helpers, it’s hardly an impressive contribution to the Town’s well-being, is it? I mean, we could have all stayed at home complaining that there’s nothing in the town for young people, or that the town has no obvious centre, or that visitors never know what’s happening in the town. Yes, that would have been better. Let someone else do it… it’s not our job.

Well it was our job for the last 5 years. I am glad we did it and delighted to achieve all that I mentioned in the preceding paragraph. Well done to all the CCAG Committee. More needs done, for sure, but let others do the moaning. We got on and did something for the town.

Rodger Brunton

Past Chairman, CCAG, 2007-2012


My vision as incoming Chair of CCAG

It’s indeed an honour to be asked to head up this Group, formed some six years ago to set up a campaign to provide a Centre for Carnoustie on the site of the former Burgh School right at the heart of the town.  In persuading Angus Council to preserve most of the lime trees and the original metal railing that form a natural border round the site, we have kept something of the past.  This will enhance the setting of the new building which is being designed by our well-known Architectural partners in this project – Nicoll, Russell – based in nearby Broughty Ferry.

We have put together a very strong and dedicated team of local people to formulate a plan along with our partners in this venture, Angus Council, who have already committed a total of £300k towards the £1.5 million needed to bring this project into being over the next two to three years.


Over the coming year, we shall continue to engage with local people to raise the profile of what we are trying to do for the town by recruiting them to become “Friends” of the Project by paying a one-off subscription of £5.  This entitles them to get involved in fund-raising events throughout the year and to receive Newsletters twice a year – updates on progress being made.  Very successful contact has also been made recently with Carnoustie High School where a scheme to recruit senior pupils as Friends at a reduced rate is underway.  We would like their ideas of what the Centre should offer.  We wold also encourage them in fund-raising for the Project and in raising pupils’ awareness generally about what the Centre could contribute to the town in terms of “community benefit”.

 I would like the Group to draw up an overall plan to identify Sponsors within the locality and further afield who would be willing to contribute sums of money towards the Project. There may be big businesses, locally and nationally, who have connections with the town.  I would like to see us link, for instance, with the recently formed Carnoustie Economic Development Group.  There are contributions later in this newsletter regarding possible Wind Farm developments and our involvement with Indigo – both will be actively pursued.  A final thought – we need to keep in touch with Angus Council in respect of links with the Panmure Centre and maybe some aspects of the present Access Office.

Exciting times ahead!

Peter Murphy





Some of the milestones so far:

 2005 CCAG steering group set up, committee elected and constitution established

2008 Large-scale survey of residents undertaken to find out what the local priorities were

2009  Feasibility Study completed

2010 Corner site from old Kinloch School transferred to CCAG

2011 First approach to Heritage Lottery Fund for guidance on preparing a “Stage One” application

 We have been advised by HLF to ensure that all groups in the Carnoustie community are involved – not just those who willingly completed our previous questionnaire.  In order to do this, HLF have given us a grant to involve PR consultants who have experience in this area.  This is where a company, called Indigo, comes in. This company has already started work and, over the next few weeks, they will continue to “dig deeper”  in order to ensure that the scope of activities in the proposed centre meets the needs of all.  The facilities envisaged may not be significantly changed – space for performances, films, meetings, a café, recording studio, exhibition area, tourist and heritage information – but those accessing the centre must include peoples of all ages and backgrounds.  Only if these inclusive criteria are met will a Lottery bid stand any chance of success. Along with widening our scope, we must also continue to fund-raise ourselves and continue to recruit more Friends to the Project. Please help in any way you can!


Alison Paget

We have been out and about!

We had a stall at Gala Day last year where we sold strawberries and cream and the ever popular strawberries and marshmallows on kebab sticks. We also had Carnoustie Centre Action Group artefacts on sale. Peter, Alison and Richard were very busy out front signing up people to become Friends of CCAG. Some of you might remember Peter set up shop on top of a rubbish bin which was outside our marquee.

Later in the year we had a great time at a Race Night in the Station Hotel and our ever-popular Quiz Night at the Craw’s Nest . Both are really good fun.

We had a mini stall at the Carnoustie Business Association’s Christmas Market and supported them again when they had a Tartan Week Market.

The Diamond Jubilee celebrations at Glamis gave us another opportunity to set up a stall.  We were able to recruit another 20 Friends but also show the many visitors the plans for the Centre and hear their comments and suggestions.  Having our stall next to the Community Council stall with its enormous celebration cake was a bonus – helping to share out the hundreds of slices was a great job!

And by the time you read this we’ll also have enjoyed the Carnoustie Gala Day.

All of these events raise money and help raise the profile of the Project.  Do join us as often as you can in the year ahead.

Sue McMahon

In the wind

We’ve had representatives on the Corse Hill Wind Farm Community Benefit Forum since last year. If the wind farm by Hatton is approved, then the proceeds (profits) of one of the 7 turbines will be given to the communities around the development. The 3 communities represented at the meetings (Arbroath, Carnoustie and the area including Panbride, Easthaven and Arbirlot) will share equally a windfall over the 25 year life of the farm.  This means a third of the profits for projects in the Carnoustie area.

Although the details of the allocation of funds in this area are still to be decided, we feel that this is a great opportunity, not just for the Kinloch Centre Project but the whole Carnoustie area. The potential for profits depends on the wind, but projections by West Coast Energy indicate that this should be a successful site.

Richie Fenwick


The CCAG committee for 2012-13):

Niamh Arbuckle, Rodger Brunton, Allison Edwards,

Richie Fenwick, Jean Forbes, Ian Johnston, Sue McMahon,

Peter Murphy, Alison Paget, Jim Simpson, Dave Soutar,

Linda Wolfe, Ron Woomble.  Cllr Brian Boyd acts as Angus Council advisor to the committee.


We meet on the third Monday of every month (except July) at 7.30 in the Burgh Chambers, Carnoustie.  Please contact any one on the committee, or come along in person, if there is any issue you would like to raise.

Membership matters

You know how it is – ask one question too many at an AGM and you find you have a job?!  With Cathie Connor and Kathleen Macdonald, I have taken on two tasks – keeping you, the current Friends informed of progress with the Kinloch Centre Project and, secondly, trying to encourage, with your help, more Carnoustie folk to join.

We have just over 300 members but many more would help in making a convincing case for funding.  We need to be able to show that the Carnoustie community supports the Project.  The most obvious way of doing that is to become a Friend of the Kinloch Centre.

Look out for our new membership flier which will shortly be available in many outlets in the town.  Maybe you could pick one up and encourage a friend or neighbour to complete it?  It describes the project briefly and has a tear-off slip which can be completed and handed in to either the Fobel Shop or the Angus Trophy Centre with a one-off donation (£5 for an adult, £1 if you are 18 or under).  All new Friends will be invited to indicate if we can also claim Gift Aid on their behalf (adding £1.25 to the value of a £5 donation).  As we can claim this for existing members too, there is a separate slip (or email attachment)  offering you this option too.

There will be another Newsletter later this year with, we hope, an even bigger circulation list!

Linda Wolfe, email: 

                        Tel: 01241 410232



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Lottery grant for Kinloch Centre Project

Goods news for Kinloch Centre Project Action Group

The Committee of the Kinloch Centre Action Group received good news this week when it was confirmed that we had received a Grant from the Lottery “Investing in Ideas ” fund to cover the costs of further research and study into the proof of need for the project and its widening remit .

“The Grant was applied for just before Christmas and we have had our fingers crossed since then” said Chairman Rodger Brunton. “We will be appointing a specialist Company to carry out this research on our behalf so that the next stage of Lottery Application can be made as fully as possible.  There are two stages to go with the Application and we have been told to make our next submission as good as we can.  There are about 90 applications refused for every one approved  so its vital to do all we can to impress and give them all the information they need.  There are lots of hoops to jump through to get the level of funding we need to make the Centre a reality.  This is just another one. It’s great to see the progress being made around our site with Angus Council’s Care Cluster buildings. We hope the Centre will be the Jewel in the Crown for the Kinloch Corner . “

Rodger and Alison Paget will stand-down from their positions as Chair and Vice-Chair at the forthcoming AGM to make way for ‘fresh faces’. They will however still remain very much involved with the Group as we strive towards our goal.

Rodger said, “I was glad to be able to give out some good news at my last Committee Meeting . There a long periods where there doesn’t seem to a lot happening , but the people of the Town should know that there are folk on the Committee giving a lot of their time beavering away for the good of the Town and for no personal gain . Thanks to them all for their help and perserverance over the past  years and with putting up with a Chairman with a wicked sense of humour “


The AGM takes place on Wednesday 28th March at 7pm in the Comrie. There will be an update on the Project and all those interested are very welcome to come along.


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AGM date set

AGM set for Wednesday 28th March

This year’s AGM will be held on Wednesday 28th March at 7pm in the Comrie Hall. Everyone is welcome to come along when there will be an update on the project and the election of the Committee for 2012 – 2013. 

Prior to the AGM, there will be an EGM on Monday 19th March at 6.30pm in the Burgh Chambers for the purpose of making minor changes to our constitution. It is proposed to remove the need for the accounts to be audited by a qualified accountant by substituting this with the scrutiny and ratification by a suitably qualified person. The amount of money held by CCAG does not justify an expensive audit to be carried out each year. Changes to the make-up and numbers of the Committee will also be proposed. All our Members are invited to come along.

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Quiz night and AGM dates

First Quiz-nite of 2012

The Kinloch Centre Project latest fund-raising quiz-nite will take place at the Craws Nest Function Lounge on Tuesday 21st February at 7.30pm. Entry is £10 for a team of four. Great prizes – all welcome.

AGM 2012

The CCAG 2012 AGM will be held on Wednesday, March 28th at 7pm in the Comrie Hall. Please feel free to come along.

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Race-night sucess

Kinloch Centre Project race-night

The Station Hotel played host to our latest fund-raising venture last Friday evening, where an enthusiastic set of punters gambled the night away (all for a good cause you understand!)  Thanks to all those who turned-up on the night and managed to raise an amazing £1100, especially Andy Gilbride and Brian McCartney who seem to know an awful lot about racing!   A special thanks to our race sponsors: REMBRAND, I AND G MOTORS, MOSSDALE CHEMICALS [ SAM RUDDELL ], SOUTAR PRESERVATION, BRUNTON DESIGN STUDIO, IAN KYDD PLUMBING and CARNOUSTIE TYRES. Not forgetting the Station Hotel for the lovely stovies.


Hopefully we will be able to repeat the laughs and lengths, noses and near things in the near future, as we sprint towards our own finishing line.

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